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MMT's products are positively impacting companies worldwide in a select group of industries, including:
Domestic Appliance
Optical Instruments
Food Processing
3D printer
Environmental Protection
Instruments and Meter
Engineering Machinery
Sea Angling
General Manufacturing
Q: Who is MMT?
A: MMT is a professional one stop solution company located in Shanghai China. Know how knowledge in casting,CNC machining,Metal sheet facrication,plastic inejection parts,non standard fastners,sub-assembly,casting,injection moulds;more than 50 professional suppliers in China and our own workshops in Changshu with advanced machining equipmets make us could supply the total lowest cost components to our customers.MMT supply not only high precision components and sub-assemblies, but also professional technical service. The staff has been doing this since 2000s.
Q: What are the highlights of MMT process?
A: PSA(Potential Supplier Assessment):If your projects beyond our supplier resource, we will run PSA,and sort out right and optimal suppliers for you, avoid wasting your time and cost on wrong supplier. Of course for our current suppliers, we will provide the PSA report if you require.
OQL(Open Question list):a very effective and simple technical communication file, special in the inquiry stage. MMT engineers will analyze the requirement of material, physical performance, tolerance, surface treatment, package, then list the unclear questions or technical issue in the OQL and communicate with customer. Only in this way, MMT could provide a precise and competitive offer to our customer, and avoid potential re-start or failure risk on product devoleping stage. This form is implemented from project launch to finish.
MSR(Milestones Report):our engineers visit supplier to follow up the project on milestone, sort out the problem and fix them, make sure the project run as schedule.Meantime,we also send reports to customer, let customer feel like follow up the project on site, saving customer on the expensive international traval expense.
Concerning the other process documents like time schedule, control plan,8D report. It is our rutin’s process for the project following-up.
Q: How long does it take to get a quotation?
A: The response time will depend on the part. The average quote time is 1 to 5 working days, but can take a few days longer for complex parts, especially if there is a lot to be translated on the drawings or need to clarify some technical issue or need source one new optimum supplier for the project.
Q: Is there a MOQ?
A: No, we do not have minimum quantity requirements, but please keep in mind that very small orders (a few hundred dollars) will offer little savings after the cost of shipping and handling. On the other hand, we can and will consolidate your parts with other items being shipped to reduce transportation and custom clearance costs.
Q: What finishes are available?
A: We can offer just about any finish. We offer anodizing, painting, plating, powder coating, Polish, nitriding, passivating and etc.
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