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MMT's products are positively impacting companies worldwide in a select group of industries, including:
Domestic Appliance
Optical Instruments
Food Processing
3D printer
Environmental Protection
Instruments and Meter
Engineering Machinery
Sea Angling
General Manufacturing

About MMT

Machining Matrix Trade(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, is a professional and reliable cnc machining stainless steel partscompany with more than 15+years' experience in providing one stop solution serivce to customers from all the world who source high end metal, plastic cnc mechanical parts, metal injection molding parts, casting, plastic mold injection parts, custom fasteners, capillary tubing, optical lens and sub-assemby from China.

MMT's Capability

  • Advanced cnc machining equipments in Suzhou workshop;
  • 15+ years experience,more than 80 professional suppliers;cnc aluminum medical components
  • Know how of various manufacturing processes;
  • Pre-production manufaturing solutiuons skills;
  • One stop solution;
  • High level project managment system & strict quality control flow;
  • Timely and efficient technical comunication;
  • Right suppliers,right products for right customer with competititve price;

MMT's Products

  • CNC machining parts
  • CNC turn-milling parts;
  • Capillary tube fabricated components;cnc casting parts
  • Optical lens;
  • MIM components;
  • Investment casting;
  • Aluminum casting;
  • Single and bicolor plastic injection parts;
  • Sheet metal fabricated part;
  • Sub-assembly;
  • Molds;
  • Miscellaneous.

MMT's pre-production solutions

  • Design assistance; product designing service                                                 
  • Reverse engineering;
  • Production feasibility evaluation;
  • Prototype building; 

To succeed, you need a partner who does more than produce cnc machined components, capillary tube fabrication,optical lenses, MIM, casting, metal stamping, plastic injection,die making or sub assembling, he also is an experienced and responsible partner who manage your project like taking care of a baby.

If you are interested in our products and service, we sincerely welcome you to write,call and visit us.It is our pleasure to service for you.


MMT--Your reliable one stop solution partner in China!  

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